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ASUS Wireless USB2 Super Speed N (WL-160N)

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Modelo  90-ID3002M00-0PAZ


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Características técnicas

Fabricante: ASUS
Nombre de producto: WL-160N
Código del producto:90-ID3002M00-0PAZ

Tasa de transferencia (máx)
Máxima velocidad con la que se puede transmitir desde un dispositivo a otro.
270 Mbit/s
2,4 GHz
Frecuencia de banda
A small section of the spectrum of radio communication frequencies, in which channels are usually used or set aside for the same purpose e.g.for a channel on FM radio; for mobile networks to communicate with mobile phones.
Modulation is the process of varying one or more properties of a periodic waveform, called the carrier signal (High Frequency Signal), with a modulating signal which typically contains information to be transmitted. The aim of digital modulation is to transfer a digital bit stream over an analog bandpass channel, for example over the public switched telephone network (where a bandpass filter limits the frequency range to between 300 and 3400 Hz), or over a limited radio frequency band. The aim of analog modulation is to transfer an analog baseband (or lowpass) signal, for example an audio signal or TV signal, over an analog bandpass channel at a different frequency, for example over a limited radio frequency band or a cable TV network channel.
Receptor de sensibilidad
-65 - -68dBm @270Mbps; -75 - -77dBm @54Mbps;-87 - -88dBm @11Mbps;-95 - -97dBm @ 1Mbps
Puertos e Interfaces
Interface ports to connect pieces of equipment. USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become the most popular wired interface to connect peripherals. USB 2.0 supports speeds up to 480 Mbit/s (USB 1: 12 Mbit/s). The interface FireWire is also known as the IEEE 1394 standard. Enhanced IDE (EIDE)is sometimes referred to as Fast ATA, Fast IDE or ATA-2.
Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0
USB 2.0 ports have a data transmission speed of 480 Mbps, and are backwards compatible with USB 1.1 ports. You can connect all kinds of peripheral devices to them.
Algoritmos de seguridad soportados
Security algorithms are used to provide authentication, cipher key generation, integrity and radio link privacy to users on mobile networks. The security algorithms supported are the ones that can be used with this product.
The product is built in.
Requisitos del sistema
Sistemas operativos compatibles
List of desktop operating systems tested as compatible with this product.
Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista32/64 bit, Mac 10.3/10.4 OS
Peso y dimensiones
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
Dimensiones del producto (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura).
90 x 27 x 9 mm
Contenido del embalaje
Software incluido
Software distributed with another product such as a piece of computer hardware or other electronic device, or a group of software packages which are sold together. A software suite is an example of bundled software, as is software which is pre-installed on a new computer.
Mobile control center, Wireless setting, Mobile manager, Site survey
Otras características
Tasas de transferencia soportadas
Rates at which data can be transferred. May vary according to network configurations.
1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 Mbps
LEDs de conectividad
Tecnología inalámbrica
Technology that communicates with other devices without a physical connection e.g. radio, WiFi.
802.11b/g/n (draft)
Exposición a radiofrecuencia
The level of radio frequency exposure of the device.
12 - 14 dBm (g mode), 14 - 16 dBm (b mode), 14 - 16 dBm (n mode)