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Raton LOGITECH M525 Wireless Negro (910-004932)

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Raton LOGITECH M525 Wireless Negro (910-004932)
Producto  Nuevo
Modelo  910-004932
Logo del fabricante LOGITECH

Características técnicas de Raton LOGITECH M525 Wireless Negro (910-004932)
Brand: Logitech
Nombre de producto: M525
Código del producto: 910-004932
Código EAN/UPC: 5099206067783

Dispositivo de entrada
Interfaz del dispositivo
The ports (sockets) where the device connects with other devices.
RF inalámbrico
Utilizar con
What the product is used for.
Tipo de botones
The type of the buttons.
Botones presionados
Cantidad de botones
The number of buttons that there are in/on the product.
Tipo de desplazamiento
Type of scroll in computer input device, e.g. wheel, touch.
Tecnología de detección de movimientos
Uso recomendado
What the product should be used for, and how it should be used (e.g. ambient temperature).
PC/ordenador portátil
Número de ruedas de desplazamiento
Direcciones de desplazamiento
Factor de forma
Description of visible characteristics of the product.
Color del producto
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Negro, Rojo
Tipo de receptor
Describes type of receiver which is a device for picking up an external signal.
Interfaz de receptor inalámbrico
Coloración de superficie
Type of surface coloration e.g. monotone, image.
Conectar y usar (Plug and Play)
Indicates whether this product supports is "plug and play". Plug and play is hardware or software that, after being installed ("plugged in"), can immediately be used ("played with"), as opposed to hardware or software which requires configuration.
Alcance inalámbrico
10 m
Control de energía
Fuente de energía
What is providing power for the product e.g. mains electricity.
Tecnología de batería
The type of battery in the device, e.g. nickel?cadmium (NiCd).
Control de energía
Numero de baterías soportadas
The number of batteries that can be used with the product.
Tipo de batería
Description of battery supplied with the product, such battery form factor (e.g. AA/AAA).
Vida de batería en servicio
36 mes(es)
Requisitos del sistema
Sistema operativo Windows soportado
Windows vesions wich can be used with the device.
Windows 10 Education,Windows 10 Education x64,Windows 10 Enterprise,Windows 10 Enterprise x64,Windows 10 Home,Windows 10 Home x64,Windows 10 Pro,Windows 10 Pro x64,Windows 7 Enterprise,Windows 7 Enterprise x64,Windows 7 Home Basic,Windows 7 Home Basic x64,Windows 7 Home Premium,Windows 7 Home Premium x64,Windows 7 Professional,Windows 7 Professional x64,Windows 7 Starter,Windows 7 Starter x64,Windows 7 Ultimate,Windows 7 Ultimate x64,Windows 8,Windows 8 Enterprise,Windows 8 Enterprise x64,Windows 8 Pro,Windows 8 Pro x64,Windows 8 x64,Windows 8.1,Windows 8.1 Enterprise,Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64,Windows 8.1 Pro,Windows 8.1 Pro x64,Windows 8.1 x64,Windows Vista Business x64,Windows Vista Enterprise,Windows Vista Enterprise x64,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vista Home Basic x64,Windows Vista Home Premium,Windows Vista Home Premium x64,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Ultimate x64,Windows XP Home,Windows XP Home x64,Windows XP Professional,Windows XP Professional x64
Sistema operativo MAC soportado
Mac operating systems e.g. OS X can be used with the device.
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Peso y dimensiones
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
101,5 mm
The distance from the front to the back of something.
38,3 mm
Height of the product
57 mm
Peso del ratón
How heavy the mouse is.
127,4 g
Ancho de receptor
1,87 cm
Fondo del receptor
6,1 mm
Altura de receptor
1,44 cm
Peso del receptor
1,8 g
Receptor incluido
The product includes a receiver, which is a device for picking up an external signal.
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