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Fuente alimentacion APPROX ATX 650W (APP650PS)

Fuente APPROX ATX 650W (APP650PS)

En tu casa en Canarias en 24/48 horas.
IGIC incluido
650W de pura potencia para que tu equipo soporte todas tus necesidades. Dispone de carcasa y rejilla negras con marcaje especial y diseño de primera calidad, ventilador rojo y materiales de primera calidad además de ventilador ultrasilencioso de 14 cms. Incluye PFC pasivo, protección contra sobretensión/subtensión, cortocircuito y sobrecarga y cableado recubierto en malla protectora.
CONDICION  Producto nuevo
Modelo  APP650PS
EAN  8435099511878

Características técnicas

Nombre de producto:APP650PS
Código del producto:APP650PS
Código EAN/UPC:8435099511878

Fuente de alimentación ATX 12V y V 2.3. Con una potencia de 650W incluye PFC pasivo y un ventilador silencioso de 14 cm. Diseño de circuito de doble cara. Cumple la normativa de respeto medioambiental RoHS.

2 años
Control de energía
Potencia total
The total power that is needed by the device, or the total power produced by the device.
650 W
Voltaje de entrada AC
The voltage of the AC electricity that is inpitted into the product.
115 - 230
Corriente de entrada
Corriente máxima de entrada (@110V)
Corrección del factor de potencia tipo (PFC)
Potencia combinada (3,3 V)
130 W
Potencia combinada (+12 V)
560 W
Potencia combinada (+5 V)
130 W
Potencia combinada (-12V)
3,6 W
Potencia combinada (+5 VSB)
15 W
Corriente máxima de salida (+3.3V)
24 A
Corriente máxima de salida (+12 V1)
30 A
Corriente máxima de salida (+12 V2)
22 A
Corriente máxima de salida (+5V)
20 A
Corriente máxima de salida (-12V)
0,3 A
Corriente máxima de salida (+5Vsb)
3 A
Energía sobre Ethernet (PoE)
The device supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is one of several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras.
Funciones de protección de poder
Features that protect the device against power problems e.g. overload.
Sobrevoltaje, Sobrecarga, Cortocircuito, Bajo voltaje
Diámetro de ventilador
The size of the fan, measured by the distance from one side of the fan to the other, via a straight line going through the middle of the fan.
14 cm
Tipo de enfriamiento
The method used to cool the device or to cool the air around the device.
Número de ventiladores
The quantity of fans (apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation).
1 Ventilador(es)
Puertos e Interfaces
Alimentador de energía para tarjeta madre
The way in which the motherboard is connected to the power supply.
20+4 pin ATX
Número de conectores de energía SATA
Puertos e Interfaces
Conectores de poder (4 pin) periferales (Molex)
White 4-pinned connector used to connect a peripheral to the power supply.
Conector de energía EPS (8-pin)
Conectores de poder PCI Express (6 pin)
Conectores de poder PCI Express (6 + 2 pin)
Conectores de poder PCI Express (8 pin)
CPU P4 conector (4-pin)
CPU conector de alimentación (4 +4 pines)
Conectores de poder de omnigrid (4-pin)
Conector de poder a CPU (8-pin)
Conectores de poder de omnigrid (2-pin)
Conector de poder floppy
Conectores de poder de omnigrid (3-pin)
Utilizar con
What the product is used for.
Power supply unit (PSU) form factor
Versión ATX
ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is a motherboard form factor specification developed by Intel in 1995. The specification defines the key mechanical dimensions, mounting point, I/O panel, power and connector interfaces between a computer case, a motherboard and a power supply. There are many versions of ATX including ATX12V 1.x and ATX12V v2.3.
Interruptor de encendido/apagado integrado
The button which is pressed to switch the device on or off.
Color del producto
El color ej. rojo, azul, verde, negro, blanco.
Aprobaciones reguladoras
Acorde RoHS
The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive aims to restrict certain dangerous substances commonly used in electrical and electronic equipment. Any RoHS compliant product is tested for the presence of Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent chromium (Hex-Cr), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). PBB and PBDE are flame retardants used in several plastics. For Cadmium and Hexavalent chromium, there must be less than 0.01% of the substance by weight at raw homogeneous materials level. For Lead, PBB, and PBDE, there must be no more than 0.1% of the material, when calculated by weight at raw homogeneous materials. Any RoHS compliant component must have 100 ppm or less of mercury and the mercury must not have been intentionally added to the component. In the EU, some military and medical equipment are exempt from RoHS compliance.
Tipo de embalaje
Tipo de embalaje del producto e. caja.
Dimensiones del embalaje (alto x alto x peso)
Dimensions of the packaged product (Width x Depth x Height).
240 x 175 x 100 mm
Contenido del embalaje
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