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Altavoz APPROX portatil 6W BLUETOOTH MP3 Red (APPSP13BTR)

Altavoz APPROX portatil 6W Bluetooth MP3 Red (APPSP13BTR) [foto 1 de 3]
Imagen grande 2 de Altavoz APPROX portatil 6W Bluetooth MP3 Red (APPSP13BTR)
Imagen grande 3 de Altavoz APPROX portatil 6W Bluetooth MP3 Red (APPSP13BTR)

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El APPSP13BTx es un potente altavoz inalámbrico Bluetooth para Smartphone y Tabletas de 6W RMS, que le permite recibir llamadas, reproducir música vía Bluetooth, Micro SD o entrada auxiliar.
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Modelo  APPSP13BTR
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Características técnicas de Altavoz APPROX portatil 6W BLUETOOTH MP3 Red (APPSP13BTR)

Su diseño es elegante y reducido y está diseñado para llevar a cualquier lugar. Incorpora una batería interna de 800mAh que le proporcionará horas de reproducción sin cables.Disfrute de
un sonido sin igual y llévese la fiesta consigo!

- Call Function.
- Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.


Especificaciones técnicas

Canales de salida de audio
An audio output channel is an electric circuit which acts as a path for a signal produced by a device. A device may have several audio output channels.
Número de altavoces
The quantity of speakers included in/with the product.
Relación señal/ruido (SNR)
Is the ratio of signal intensity to noise intensity
80 dB
Potencia estimada RMS
RMS (Root mean square) is a measure of the continuous power required by a device, in particular audio amplfiers and loudspeakers.
6 W
Rango de frecuencia
The lowest and the hightest frequencies that can be inputted/produced.
100 - 18000 Hz
Puertos e Interfaces
Tecnología de conectividad
Interface ports to connect pieces of equipment. USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become the most popular wired interface to connect peripherals. USB 2.0 supports speeds up to 480 Mbit/s (USB 1: 12 Mbit/s). The interface FireWire is also known as the IEEE 1394 standard. Enhanced IDE (EIDE)is sometimes referred to as Fast ATA, Fast IDE or ATA-2.
Bluetooth/3.5 mm
Tecnología inalámbrica
Technology that communicates with other devices without a physical connection e.g. radio, WiFi.
Bluetooth is a low-power radio technology developed to replace the cables and wires currently used to link or connect electronic devices such as personal computers, printers, and a wide variety of handheld devices including mobile phones. Because it uses radio-wave connectivity, a Bluetooth-enabled device has a constant, established connection to whatever browser it uses. This saves the user the trouble of logging on to check for emails or news updates, for example.
Versión de Bluetooth
The type of bluetooth technology in the product e.g. Bluetooth Smart (v4.0).
Entrada auxiliar
Tipo de producto
The sub-category of the product.
The creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system.
Color del producto
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Material de la carcasa
Metal, plastic and other materials used to encase ('house') computer components.
Aluminio, Silicona
Uso recomendado
What the product should be used for, and how it should be used (e.g. ambient temperature).
Mobile phone / Smartphone
Tarjetas de memoria compatibles
Types of memory cards which can be used with this product.
MicroSD (TransFlash)
Tarjeta de lectura integrada
The device includes a card reader e.g. a card reader in the disk bay of a computer or thin client to permit log-on using smart/pin cards.
Conectar y usar (Plug and Play)
Indicates whether this product supports is "plug and play". Plug and play is hardware or software that, after being installed ("plugged in"), can immediately be used ("played with"), as opposed to hardware or software which requires configuration.
Control de energía
What the power source is.
Capacidad de batería
A measure of the charge stored by the battery. Determined by the mass of active material contained in the battery.
800 mAh
Tiempo de recarga de la batería
Approximate time required to recharge the battery from completely empty to completely full
6 h
Maximum battery life
6 h
Voltaje de la pila
The voltage (V) of the battery.
3,7 V
Tipo de batería
Description of battery supplied with the product, such battery form factor (e.g. AA/AAA).
Numero de baterías soportadas
The number of batteries that can be used with the product.
Detalles técnicos
Conexión inalámbrica
Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves (rather than some form of wire) carry the signal over part or all of the communication path.
Peso y dimensiones
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
15,3 cm
The distance from the front to the back of something.
5,8 cm
Height of the product
4 cm
Peso del producto sin embalaje (peso neto). Si es posible, se da el peso neto incluyendo los accesorios y suministros estándar. Tenga en cuenta que a veces el fabricante deja de lado el peso de los accesorios y / o suministros.
236 g
Ancho del paquete
The distance from one side of the packaging to the other.
16,8 cm
Profundidad del paquete
The distance from the front to the back of the packaging.
4,8 cm
Altura del paquete
The distance from the top to the bottom of the packaging.
4,8 cm
Contenido del embalaje
Guía de instalación rápida